Anne Porter, RN, MHA

Founder and Administrator

I have been a registered nurse for over
40 years and hold a Masters in Health Care Administration. It's my mission to specialize in providing services which allow individuals to maintain their quality of life while allowing families peace of mind.

People often ask me how I got into the business of home health care and for me it's a personal drive and passion. My dad had end state lung and heart disease making it difficult for him to get around. For the last five years of his life, Dad had a sidekick named Henry who became his heart felt companion. Henry would call every day at 8a.m. and find out what the plan was for the day. This would often include – among other things – planting tomatoes, painting a bench or stopping by the Dollar Store to grab the latest bargain Dad had seen in the paper. My Dad passed away in March 2011 and Henry was a honorary pallbearer. Henry had become part of the family.

I realized how important Henry had become in my all our lives. I want to be able to assist others in finding their "Henry". Henry allowed my Dad to remain independent and have a great quality of life doing what he enjoyed with dignity.